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Increasing Support for Habitat's Global Mission

Posted by John Hagerman on 12:05 PM on June 9, 2016


Back in 1979, at a home dedication in Zaire, Habitat founder Millard Fuller received a tithe donation of $200. That gift was used to launch a new Habitat affiliate in Guatemala. From that one gift, the entire Habitat tithe program started.

A tithe is a gift, usually based on a percent of income, that is given to support a broader mission. Traditionally, it was a gift given to a church, but Habitat adopted the concept to help support Habitat’s international mission to build a WORLD where EVERYONE has a decent place to live. Today the program is called the Global Impact Fund.

Over the past four years, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has supported the Global Impact Fund with  $800,000 from privately raised, undesignated funds. Now, as part of its new four-year strategic plan, Impact 2020, Twin Cities Habitat has set a goal of increasing support for the Global Impact Fund by twenty-five percent, to $1 million over the next four years. This money will be used to improve housing and sanitation conditions in Twin Cities Habitat's pledge affiliates in Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Haiti.

Impact 2020 is built on the belief that we need to multiply our impact locally, nationally, and internationally. It recognizes the need for quality, affordable shelter is so great, that simply continuing to do what we have traditionally done, is no longer sufficient.

Since its founding in 1985, Twin Cities Habitat has pledged more than $3 million to build Habitat homes in other countries. In addition to financial support, Twin Cities Habitat leads volunteer groups to build homes in some of our tithe partner countries. Over the next four years, Twin Cities Habitat plans to continue leading trips to Ethiopia and Costa Rica. 

You can increase the power of your gift by going on a Global Village Trip with Twin Cities Habitat. You’ll become immersed in a new culture, see sites you’ve never seen, build new friendships, and build a home alongside a future Habitat homeowner. In addition, you’ll be helping bring a WORLD where EVERYONE has a decent place one step closer to reality.

To learn more about how you can support Habitat’s global mission, check out the link below.

Learn More About Habitat's Global Village Program

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