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"Love Letters" from Habitat

Jared Laabs
Posted by Jared Laabs on 7:34 AM on February 14, 2018

Have you ever heard someone say, “I love that place,” or “I love that person?” We use the word “love” to describe our devotion, or affection towards someone or something. You might also think of love as something we crave, something that makes us feel good, and always wanting more. Whether it’s a good cup of coffee, activity, place, thing, or a loved one—love is what we need!

Here at Habitat, we’ve shared several moments of love through the years. Kyle and Kathleen met on a home repair project and later married. Al and Leigh shared an AmeriCorps experience and later married. Roger and Vicki’s paths crossed while volunteering and even incorporated the Habitat logo into their wedding rings! Who doesn’t love stories like these?!?

Take a moment today and let someone you know they are loved. You don’t necessarily have to use the word “love” or get married like the individuals above, but express why someone makes you feel good. Share why they are important and needed. It’s not just a Valentine’s Day activity, but a healthy methodology that can be excercised all year round.

We wanted to a take a few minutes and reflect on why we love those who have an impact on Habitat! To be honest, there are too many reasons to mention, but we asked some employees to share their thoughts in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Below are just a few reasons why we love Habitat advocates, donors, volunteers, homebuyers, partners, and families. Have a lovely day!


Anna - valentines day love note.png


Adade - valentines day love note.png


Becky - valentines day love note.png


Jan - valentines day love note.png


Lisa - valentines day love note.png


Matt - valentines day love note.png


Mike - valentines day love note.png


Pam - valentines day love note.png


Phil - valentines day love note.png


Robin - valentines day love note.png


Robyn - valentines day love note.png


Terry - valentines day love note.png




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