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Three New Opportunities to Join the ReStore Team

Becky Engen
Posted by Becky Engen on 10:00 AM on April 2, 2015

The ReStore team has had a busy couple of months! We hosted our second annual 50% off sale January 31st, tackled a big store remodel the week following the sale, and for the first time ever, we prepared a booth at the big Minneapolis Home & Garden Show in late February/early March, ending with our Grand Reopening Celebration March 7th. During the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work accepting donations and keeping the sales floor updated with new inventory. And as you may have guessed - we need more help!

shoppingbasketThe ReStore team is currently accepting applications for two summer AmeriCorps VISTA positions and a ReStore Pricing Associate. The first role has been created as a result of the ReStore's accelerated growth and planning for additional locations. Jill Carmody, New Brighton ReStore Manager explains:

"Thanks to our great staff and volunteers, and support from the local community, our store has experienced incredible growth in the last year. With that growth comes the opportunity to explore the possibility of opening a second store in the Twin Cities, to be able to better serve other areas of the metro."

This Summer VISTA ReStore Process Improvement Associate role will involve learning about the ReStore and helping to develop a process improvement plan and training manual for ReStore staff, volunteers, and homebuyers to create consistency in performance and task expectations. These materials would be used for new staff and volunteers at the New Brighton location, as well as prepare any team members that would be needed for the potential new location. 

restoresaleAs the Habitat ReStore becomes the go-to solution in the Twin Cities for potential reuse of construction materials, cabinetry, appliances and furniture, Pete O’Keefe, ReStore Operations Manager, is expecting that Summer of 2015 will further expand on the program’s Reduce/Reuse/Recycle mission. This is where the second Summer VISTA ReStore Recycle Program Associate has been added, to help research best practices for handling construction waste and explore opportunities in the metro area. 

“Within the last year, our retail store has made great strides in improving our scrap metal and cardboard recycling. With the addition of a summer AmeriCorps VISTA, we will hone our recycling methods even further plus broadcast the ReStore’s concept to the local construction and environmental community.”

The full-time ReStore Pricing Associate position is responsible for receiving and processing donated products to establish quality and production standards. Jill also added that this person will also help with product pricing, store maintenance and product display tasks.

"With our newly-remodeled space and the sheer volume of donations we receive on a weekly basis, there was a huge need to create a role that could help us effectively get donations in the store, priced right, and out on the sales floor for our customers to buy. It will be a huge help to have a member on staff that's 100% dedicated to helping us be as efficient as possible with the generous donations we receive."

To view full roles and responsibilities, and application deadline and submission information, please visit the Twin Cities Habitat AmeriCorps page, or our Careers section.

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