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5 Unique Volunteer Opportunities with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

5 Unique Volunteer Opportunities with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Did you know that Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity offers a variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities beyond homebuilding?

Don’t get us wrong—build sites are certainly a high priority and tend to be fan favorites, but there are so many other ways you can get involved with Twin Cities Habitat to positively impact your community!

For instance, did you know you can help us host fundraising events or galas? Ever thought about doing volunteer time off (VTO) through Twin Cities Habitat? Or creative volunteering like photography or baking? Let’s hop in and talk about all the ways you can get involved at Twin Cities Habitat without lifting a hammer.

Less Well-Known Volunteer Opportunities

1. Event Volunteering and Fundraising

Twin Cities Habitat organizes various activities throughout the year, such as fundraising galas and community outreach events. Volunteers play a vital role in event planning, registration, setup, and program assistance. Event volunteering allows individuals to connect with the community and raise awareness about the organization’s mission.

In addition, you can help on the back end of fundraising events by leveraging your social media and networking skills. You can even start your own fundraiser through Twin Cities Habitat if you want!

2. Donate Your Items

Let’s face it—many of us lead hectic lives that leave little to no time for leisure activities. If that is you, but you still want to make a difference in your community, you’re in luck! The next time you sift through old items you no longer want, forgo the dumpster and opt to donate them to a ReStore near you.

Twin Cities Habitat ReStore home improvement outlets are open for anyone to shop, volunteer, and donate. Not only does someone else get to love your lightly used item, but the sales generated from your donations support Twin Cities Habitat. And guess what—you can even donate your car, too! 

3. Prepping for Homebuilding

Perhaps you have an interest in the homebuilding process but want to learn more about the program before jumping in. Helping prep for build-site projects is a great way to do just that. Volunteers can assist in ordering, sorting, and organizing construction materials before they get taken to build sites.

Prepping for homebuilding ensures that construction sites are ready for the building process once the volunteer build crew arrives. These tasks contribute to the efficiency of construction projects and help cut down on wasted materials. 

4. Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

The VTO program at Twin Cities Habitat allows you to engage in meaningful volunteer work during regular work hours. This program offers you the chance to give back to the community while being supported by your employer. It’s an opportunity to experience the personal satisfaction of making a positive impact during work hours and contribute to a collaborative and socially responsible work environment.

5. Creative Volunteering

Do you have a knack for photography? We need individuals with a creative eye to take photos of other volunteers during site builds or events. These images are then used in marketing materials for Twin Cities Habitat, helping demonstrate how much fun volunteering can be!

Another creative (and tasty) way to get involved is by baking some treats that can be eaten by volunteers and on-site staff. This is perfect for all ages (and one of our main options for engaging youth who can't join us on build sites yet).

Requirements and Logistics

Specific requirements and skills may vary depending on the volunteer opportunity. Volunteers may need to undergo training or orientation sessions to ensure they are prepared for their roles. Logistics such as time commitment, scheduling, and location will be communicated to volunteers upon sign-up.

Whether you’re looking to volunteer alone or with a group of friends or coworkers, Twin Cities Habitat offers a wide range of opportunities to make a difference. The benefits of volunteering are immense, including developing new skills and forming meaningful connections within the community.  

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