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Homeowner Photo Contest: Home and Education

Laura Duque
Posted by Laura Duque on 9:00 AM on July 1, 2020

We continue to process the pain and hope of our nation’s uprising for racial justice amid a global health crisis. You can see our recent statements on the uprising here, our COVID-19 web page here, and our Race & Housing resource center here. Expanding homeownership is a key component of racial equity and health, so our mission has never been more important—and we’ll continue to share the stories of Habitat’s work.

In our recent Homeownership Photo Contest, we asked Habitat homeowners to submit a photo and caption that answered the question: "How has your home impacted your education?"

To celebrate National Homeownership Month, we’re sharing the entries we received from the contest! We've already shared some of them in our previous blog.

Here are the rest of the rest of the entries. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did!


Danielle in a red dress with her diploma.

“Homeownership for my family has helped us create a healthy foundation, to learn and grow. I received my GED in 2014. Finishing a hospitality class the summer of 2018, while enrolling for my first college course. Having a stable home helped me focus of bettering myself and furthering my education.”

Danielle is the daughter of Habitat homeowner Buffy. She and her family have lived in their home since 2003. Check out Buffy's Story to learn more about this family's Habitat story.


Left to right: LeAndra's mother, daughter Quaia (in a graduation cap and gown), LeAndra, and daughter Lonna standing outside smiling.

"My mother, daughter Quaia (graduate), daughter Lonna and I, LeAndra is capturing memories,  moments before Quaia was set to walk across the Roy Wilkins Auditorium stage as a St Paul Johnson High School graduate Class of 2019 Honor Student. Fun fact- this magical moment happened exactly one week prior to our Home Dedication and exactly 21 days prior to moving in Our Home. Thank You Habitat for Humanity and all of the supporters!”

Habitat homeowner LeAndra submitted this photo of her and her family at her daughter Quaia's high school graduation. LeAndra and her family moved into their Habitat home in June of 2019. Learn more about LeAndra and her family's Habitat story here. 


Laurie's desk with a rolling desk chair, a photo of a cat, Sanrio artwork, various other art, a touchscreen pad, and organizer cups.

“You might ask how painting the exterior of a house can help with learning. Having Habitat for Humanity work on the exterior of my home motivated me to work on the interior. I was able to turn a former catch-all room into a bedroom that includes room to sleep, play and even a desk for practicing handwriting skills.”

Laurie partnered with Habitat's A Brush With Kindness home repair program during the summer of 2019. Read more about Laurie's experience with A Brush with Kindness here.


Endireas waving his graduation cap outside of Saint Paul College.

“Endireas Asmare graduated from Saint Paul College in May 2019 with associate degree LPN /Nursing. Since I have home , me and my family feel stable, develop more confidence and sense of belonging in the community. Having this sense of emotion helps me to be more successful on my academic achievement and encourages me for further education. ”

Habitat homeowner Endireas submitted this photo of him at his graduation along with the caption above. Endireas and his family moved into their Habitat home in June of 2017. 


Jacob doing homework in a black and red desk chair at a desk, with a stuffed dog.

“Ask him any time where he is?  'In my favorite room doing homework' is his answer always. This became possible by Habitat. Thank you Habitat from Jacob Hunde. Thank you Habitat.”

Habitat homeowner Hunde submitted this photo of his son Jacob along with the caption above. The family has lived in their Habitat home since 2017.


The outside of Hafza's home, with a white SUV in the driveway

“Hello my name is Hafza. When we moved my education changed because now I have more space to do my homework. Now I can go to places in my house that are quiet unlike in the apartment.”

Hafza (10), the son of Habitat homeowner Hassan, submitted this photo of the outside of his home along with the caption above. Hafza and his family moved into their home in September of 2019. 


Mahdi and his family at his graduation.

“This picture is my family and I for my college graduation day. From far left is my older son Mustafe Ali, second from left is My wife Kadra Hassan, first row from left is my daughter Mulki Ali, and front right is my younger son Mubarak Ali and me Mahdi Ali.

I graduated May 20, 2017 from Century college and I obtained two different SSA degree. One was HVAC Heating ventilation and Air-conditioning and second one was facilities engineering with 4.0 GPA average .

Before that I received my GED from Hubbs Center in Saint Paul With GPO 3.5 average, and I also obtained my special boiler license, construction certificate, special aid, and personal assistant certificate. I also have been working at the university of Minnesota last 19 years since I come to Minnesota from Africa and it is my first job and still it is my only job. ”

Habitat homeowner Mahdi submitted this photo of him and his family at his college graduation. Mahdi and his family have been in their Habitat home since 2004.

Check out #HomeownershipMonth

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