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Take 5 and Give 10 to Support Families

Kaitlyn Huntington
Posted by Kaitlyn Huntington on 2:30 PM on February 27, 2015

Each nearly year 7,000 Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity donors make a commitment to see a better future for their community. The gifts from these donors help build homes for 50+ families a year and repair homes for 120+ more through A Brush with Kindness.  The work of Habitat for Humanity also extends to educating over 1,200 families a year on the responsibilities of homeownership. Even with all the support we get, we could always do more repair projects and help train more families for success. Right now there are more than 200 qualified families waiting and hoping to have the chance to buy a Habitat home.  Take our pledge to make a difference in 2015 by finding a volunteer opportunity and then donating $10 to support local families. 

Who will you help?ACP_20110609_017-551536-edited

Hardworking families just like you. When families become Habitat homeowners they will be paying no more than 28% of their income on housing each month. When a family's housing expenses are above 30% of their income other critical things like health insurance, nutritious food, and transportation become much more of a burden. A survey of Twin Cities Habitat homeowners found two-thirds say it's easier to save for college since buying their home. Our partner families are just like any family - they want to be able to provide a better future for their children so they can grow up healthy, happy, and successful.

What will we do?

Nearly 90 cents out of every dollar you donate supports our programs and services that touch families' lives.  Besides the homebuyer program, your donation will also help Veterans and the elderly maintain their homes with critical home repair from the A Brush with Kindness Program. These programs keep families in their homes so they can continue to provide a safe, stable environment for children to grow up in.

Why should you donate?

Personal Satisfaction and Well-Being

  • Give yourself the warm and fuzzies. Donating to an important mission like Habitat's will improve your sense of well-being because you will feel good about making a difference in the future of Twin Cities families. You will also feel more connected to the community you live in. 
  • You will feel rich! When you have enough to share with others you will feel grateful for the house you live in and appreciate the comfort and safety your home provides. 

Learn Something New

  • Many people want to know how their donation will make a difference and usually take time to research the issues connected to the organization. You will become more educated about housing in Minnesota when you read up on housing news.

Set an Example

  • Every bit helps. By supporting Twin Cities Habitat you are setting an example for your children, friends, family and neighbors. If every person gave a little our community would be a lot happier place to be! Please spread the word on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing why you give might inspire others to do the same! 

Society Benefits

  • Contributing to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity improves our neighborhoods and strengthens the community by providing secure housing for children and their families. The children who grow up in Habitat Houses are able to pursue higher education and eliminate health issues.  You may not think donating $10, $20 or $50 will help, but when we all work together we will create a brighter Twin Cities.



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