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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity home dedications are filled with joy, excitement, and several traditions to recognize the accomplishments of homebuyers and the support of volunteers and sponsors. One special tradition is the presentation of a framed plaque titled “The Golden Rule is Universal.” We give this gift to each family to honor the diversity in our world and to recognize the ubiquity of this guiding principle.

By Mike Robertson and Lan Freitag
Twin Cities Habitat Staff

Bill was using a floor drain in his basement as a toilet because his bathroom floor was caving in due to a plumbing leak.  Mary had lived without hot water for two years because her water heater had failed and she didn’t have the money to replace it. Steve and his kids had toilet water dripping into their living room from a leaking upstairs bathroom.

With Earth Day coming up on Wednesday, April 22nd, it’s a good time to take a look at how the ReStore can help make you an environmental superstar, help children get the homes they need to thrive, and save you a bunch of money in the process. Here are ten reasons why donating to, or shopping at, the ReStore makes good green sense.



By Stephani Atkins
Entrepreneurs House Steering Committee Member

In 2014, approximately 600 people worked on building the Wayne Atkins’ Entrepreneur House completing the project in record time and ahead of schedule. The financial contributions of private individuals, entrepreneurs, investment firms and service providers made the construction of the home possible. In December 2014 Siralkhtim Ahmed and Abeer Mohammednor, along with their five children, Mohammed (14 yrs), Ali (11 yrs), Hamza (9 yrs), Naba (6 yrs), and Azam (3 yrs), moved in to their new home. This is the story of their long search for a place to call home.



 The AmeriCorps group at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity spend their days guiding volunteers on-site, repairing homes with ABWK (A Brush with Kindness), and working with partner families. All of their efforts promote and support homeownership, but at Twin Cities Habitat we acknowledge it takes several different options for all Minnesotans to have housing.

To further understand housing issues in our state, 13 Habitat AmeriCorps members and two Lutheran Volunteer Corps members, participated in “A Day in the Life” hosted by St. Stephen’s Human Services.The experience simulates a day in the life of a person experiencing housing insecurity. Participants learn about the challenges of gaining permanent housing when experiencing homelessness.

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