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All the ways you can donate land

Becky Engen
Posted by Becky Engen on 8:45 AM on January 16, 2019

Like many other nonprofits, Twin Cities Habitat is dedicated to making the most of every dollar entrusted to us. And just like any other local builder and developer, Twin Cities Habitat is at the mercy of the local real estate market when it comes to purchasing land to build our homes.

We also feel the same competition other homebuyers experience when it comes to purchasing homes that we repair or update and sell to our qualified buyers. That's why when an individual, company, congregation or other community group decides to donate a home, land, or other property in support of our mission, it's definitely something we celebrate.

"Believe it or not, land is one of our top needs and directly impacts our mission," said Laura Tanner, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer at Habitat.

There are three ways you can donate land or property to Habitat:

  1. Subdivide your property
  2. Leave your home or property to Habitat in your will
  3. Make a land donation on behalf of a corporation or congregation

Subdivide your property

If you have more land than you need, you may want to consider subdividing your property and donating a portion to Twin Cities Habitat. 

A home foundation.

A couple in Maple Grove recently did just that, after realizing their large backyard and tennis courts weren't getting the use that they once did when the couple's children still lived at home. 

“Having known about Habitat for a long time, it just seemed like a good idea…we have more than we need, and we need to share it.”

Read the full story >

Leave your home or property to Habitat in your will

If you own property and are in the process of putting together or updating your will, chances are you will need to make some decisions on what to do with your property after your lifetime. 

Bob and Bonnie.Bob is a local Air Force Veteran that made the decision to leave his home in Maple Grove to Habitat, after he was diagnosed with colon cancer that later spread to his lungs. Having never married or had children, Bob wanted to make his home, and the community, available for another family to build a life in. After staying in the home as long as he could, Bob gave the keys and paperwork to Habitat, and was present when the new Habitat homeowner and the home were celebrated at a home dedication event. 

Read Bob's story >

Don with a power saw.Like Bob, our very own former staff member Don and his wife Jo, also plan to leave their home to Twin Cities Habitat in their will. Without any legal heirs, they didn’t want to leave the future of their home up in the air. After reading Bob's story about his home donation, Don and Jo made the "no-brainer" decision to do the same.

“The Habitat homeownership program meets our sensibilities,” Don says. The couple likes that Habitat homebuyers pay a mortgage that’s affordable for them, and that they go through training to become well-prepared for homeownership. As a former Habitat staff member, Don knows firsthand the rewards that come with good hard work and sees the hard work Habitat homeowners put into providing a home for their families. 

Read Don & Jo's story >

Below we've provided some sample language to include in your will or trust bequeath. Simply add the address of your property in the section indicated with brackets.

Property or Real Estate Will or Trust Bequest Language:

I give, devise, and bequeath to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Inc., a non-profit corporation located at 1954 University Ave W, St. Paul, Minnesota, all of the right, title and interest in and to the real estate located at [INSERT ADDRESS OR DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY], for its general use and purposes. Tax ID: 36-3363171.

Make a land donation on behalf of a corporation or congregation

Another way to support Habitat is the donation of property or land owned by a corporate entity or congregation. 

A plot of land.

A Habitat triplex home construction.

In December 2013, Twin Cities Habitat received its largest property donation ever, when Hugo labor and material construction companies JL Schwieters and Schwieters Companies gave an astonishing 33 townhome pads to the affiliate. Based in Hugo, the newly-constructed townhomes became the first Twin Cities Habitat homes ever built in the community. Construction has already been completed on 21 of the units, with the remaining homes being finished in the fall of 2020.

Read the Schwieters donation story >

Get started with your donation

You can start your land or property donation on our website, by filling out the form on this page.  Shortly after the form has been submitted, a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss your particular situation. Even if Habitat isn't the best solution for you, our staff can usually point you in a direction where your donation will make the most impact.

"The Twin Cities area is rapidly developing and growing, making land acquisition one of our most challenging and growing needs,"  said Mike Nelson, Land Development Director at Twin Cities Habitat. "We’re always looking for land opportunities in the Twin Cities metro,  whether it’s a single-family lot or multiple acres."

Donate Real Estate

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