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First-Time Homebuyer (3)

A gray and blue Habitat-built home.

Pathways to Homeownership With Twin Cities Habitat

Everybody knows that no two people are exactly the same. That’s why Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity offers multiple pathways for potential...

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Wooden house on clipboard and money

Why Real Estate Agents Should Rethink Down Payment Assistance

To say the housing market is tough is an understatement. Anyone working in real estate can tell you first-hand stories of homes going for tens of...

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Neighborhood Research Tools for Homebuyers Like Neighborhood Scout

There is nothing quite as exciting as buying your first home. It’s such a big deal – life-changing, in so many ways. You want to get it just right,...

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Mortgage signing

Comparing Mortgages for a First-Time Homebuyer in Minnesota

Buying your first home is a complex process (here’s a guide that could help you). A big part of it is selecting the right mortgage. It’s a financial...

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House key next to miniature house

How to Win Bidding Wars on Houses: Strategies From Twin Cities Realtors to Get Your Offer Accepted

Whether 2022 will be another frenzied year in real estate or things finally cool off a bit, finding strategies to actually get your offer accepted...

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A home with a for sale sign.

Buying Your First Home on the Open Market with Habitat

As you’ve dreamed about the best ways to buy a house - and you’ve no doubt gone online and looked at home listings - you may have run into one of the...

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House sitting on money with keys

Home Prices Are Rising Faster than Wages in the Twin Cities

Over the last few years, historically low interest rates have helped make it more affordable for many people to buy their first home. This increased...

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Toy house on money next to set of keys.

How Much Money Do You Need to Buy A House?

There are many factors that go into determining how much money you will need to buy a house. While you may have considered the down payment and your...

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Two individuals shaking hands next to an approved Habitat document.

How Interest Rates Work and Impact The Cost of a Home [VIDEO]

How much do you really pay when you buy a home? A loan you take out to buy a house is called a mortgage. The mortgage is usually a little less than...

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Deborah's Habitat home.

Why Your Mortgage Application Was Denied

If you want to buy a home, the very first thing a real estate agent is going to tell you to do is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. They’ll explain...

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