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Homeownership Program (4)

What to Do When You’re Ready to Sell Your Habitat Home

Guest blog by Jesse Lindsey, Homeownership Preservation Assistant Homeownership is a fundamental part of building strong communities. At Twin Cities...

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habitat's mortgage flexibility during covid-19

Habitat’s Proactive Approach to Mortgage Flexibility During COVID-19

Many Habitat homeowners have been working the front lines of this pandemic. They are healthcare workers, janitors, delivery drivers, and teachers....

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Habitat first-time homebuyer Julia at her North Minneapolis home with her son. Front steps, porch, family, people of color.

Why Julia loves telling her story of becoming a Habitat homeowner

Julia had just finished pulling weeds in the yard of her Habitat home in the Jordan neighborhood of North Minneapolis. Sitting on nicer furniture...

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find out how you could buy a home with habitat - online information sessions every Wednesday at noon

Interested in Habitat Homeownership? Join an Info Session every Wednesday

Have you been considering buying a home with Habitat, but you're not sure where to start? Join us at an upcoming Habitat Homeownership Information...

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financial coach going over homeownership information with potential homebuyer client.

What to Expect from Your First Financial Coaching Session

When you think you might be ready to buy your first home, who do you talk to first? Before going to a loan officer or a realtor, there's one other...

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Habitat family at closing in a side-by-side with their new babies.

Celebrations Around the Closing Table

Buying your first home is such a big deal. There are so many emotions when you are handed the keys and your journey as a new homeowner begins. All of...

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Young black home buyer couple holding papercraft home and key.

How Financial Coaching Makes It Easier to Get Mortgage-Ready

The path to homeownership can seem intimidating without a guide. Do you know you want to buy a home but aren't sure if you're ready? Perhaps you're...

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What is a Real Estate Comp and Should First-Time Homebuyers Get One? - black couple, real estate agent, forms, paperwork, phone

What's a Real Estate Comp List, and How Can It Help First-Time Homebuyers?

When you buy a home, how do you know what's a fair price? A home inspection can tell you if there are structural issues and a bank can tell you if...

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two people holding one set of keys

How TruePath Mortgage Increases Homeownership Opportunities

The path to homeownership is full of obstacles. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity helps make those obstacles easier to navigate, and TruePath Mortgage...

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Two Habitat homeowners holding the keys to their new home.

Paycheck to Payments: Budgeting a Monthly Mortgage Based on Income

Before you buy a new home, the first thing you should do is determine what you can afford. Experts recommend that you spend no more than 30% of your...

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