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matt haugen

Matt Haugen has been collecting and sharing the great stories of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity as Communications Manager since 2010. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degree from Northwestern University before spending ten years writing for TV news in the Twin Cities. He’s passionate about convincing people when he’s right on things, and being educated about it when he’s not.

Hank Pohl-016657-edited

Volunteer builds community with his passion for woodworking

Some people think Habitat for Humanity is about helping people less fortunate than you. It’s really about looking past finances, seeing the humanity we all share, and then building a community with the assets we each have. Hank Pohl exemplifies this.

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Walter Mondale helps build with Jimmy Carter and R.T. Rybak during the Carter Build in Minneapolis in 2010

Walter Mondale reflects on 50 years of the Fair Housing Act

Minnesota suffers from some of the worst racial disparities in housing in the nation. A long history of both overt and subtle racist practices got us...

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Innovative nonprofits require strong partners

For a nonprofit innovation can be tricky. Unbridled goodwill can result in ineffective mission creep if you’re not careful. But nonprofits that don’t...

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Impacting Our Community with Building and Giving

Twin Cities Habitat is fortunate to have an army of volunteers (more than 16,000 a year!) who give tons of time to our mission (28,000 days a year!)....

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Putting Residents First in Revitalizing Neighborhoods

When Twin Cities Habitat partners with a neighborhood for revitalization efforts, we’re happy to take a backseat and let the residents drive. After...

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No Summer Break for Habitat Housing Heroes

The Habitat Housing Hero advocates were really active during the 2017 legislative session and all that work paid off as lawmakers approved...

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Women Build: Five Reasons to Volunteer

Why should you get involved with Women Build at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity this year? Bestselling author and activist Marianne Williamson sums...

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Housing Hero-364565-edited.jpg

Four ways to advocate for housing with Habitat now

If there was a Housing Hero spotlight beacon (think Bat-Signal) that we could turn on above the State Capitol in St. Paul we’d be doing it right now....

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Twin Cities Habitat partnership with Bremer Bank largest in history

Twin Cities Habitat is proud to announce that Bremer Bank has committed to be the primary partner in its new Home Loan Impact Fund. Bremer has agreed...

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Ways Women Positively Impact Our Community at Twin Cities Habitat

Women are most often leading the way at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, whether they're on our executive team, our board of directors, our...

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