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A Brush With Kindness (3)

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My Home for One is a Home for All

Toya has lived in her home for 28 years, and after years of giving she's finally getting the opportunity to receive.

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ABWK Summer 2018

A Brush With Kindness Viewed by an AmeriCorps

Guest blog by Lillie Taggart Sr., A Brush with Kindness Volunteer Facilitator & AmeriCorps Service Member What happens when you describe your job to...

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Hank Pohl-016657-edited

Volunteer builds community with his passion for woodworking

Some people think Habitat for Humanity is about helping people less fortunate than you. It’s really about looking past finances, seeing the humanity...

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Age in place chore services raking

National Volunteer Week: Age in Place Program Spotlight

Guest blog by Shannon Twiss, Volunteer Coordinator Although it’s hard to believe given the weekend’s weather, spring is just around the corner! This...

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joe felion

Meet Joe: Home Repair Site Supervisor

Joe Felion is one of several AmeriCorps members that have transitioned to a Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity employee. He currently is a Site...

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Cindy all staff build day 2017 (2)-1

Home Repair Program Highlight: Cindy Lehner-Smith

Cindy is a people person. She understands human behavior and recognizes that “we all have a story. Or two. Or three.” In her job, Cindy listens to A...

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ABWK Cassandra's house 2.png

Home repairs are 'life savers' for one homeowner

Cassandra loves her block in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. She bought her home in 2002, and liked that it was close to everything—to her...

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Home Repair Collaboration

The saying great minds think alike rings true with the new home repair collaboration being hosted by Twin Cities Habitat.

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Home Repair Program Highlight: Alison Reist

The week before Alison started her job at Twin Cities Habitat in 2015, she found something surprising at her childhood home in Indiana: a school...

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Building Habitat for Humanity… and the Birds!

Long-time volunteer, Bruce Moulton and the “EpiscoBuilders” have been volunteering with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity for over twenty years. Not...

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