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A Brush With Kindness (2)

The back of Amber's house, featuring the back stairs and porch.

A Brush With Kindness Can Ease a Burden During a Difficult Time

Amber and her children moved into their house in 2006. Her home was wonderful, but over time certain repairs came to be too much for her to handle...

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Before and after images of Jack's home.

A Reflection on A Brush With Kindness' Work in 2020

Throughout the pandemic, A Brush With Kindness has continued to do health and safety repairs and exterior painting for homeowners, providing an...

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The new repaired walls, painted lavender and light blue, of the living room and dining room. There is a window on each wall, and wood floors and trim.

Repaired Walls and a New Kitchen Table Make Charles' Life Easier

As you get older and retire, you’ll likely spend more time in your home than you did previously. This is certainly the case for Charles Ricard. He...

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White tile in a bathroom, surrounding a pink bathtub. The middle of the side of the tub has been cut out, and replaced with a u-shaped white piece so you can step into the tub.

A Brush with Kindness Makes David's Home More Accessible

Guest Blog by Mike Robertson, A Brush with Kindness Program Manager Feeling safe in your own home is central to being happy there. David and Karen...

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Nevonne standing on her new deck in a blue shirt and jeans, smiling and waving.

A New Deck Livens Up Nevonne's Space

Nevonne has lived in North Minneapolis for a long time, for over 20 years. Her home is where she makes memories with her family, spends time...

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A group of volunteers outside Mark's home.

A home worth saving

Preserving affordable housing is just as important as creating affordable housing. That's where the A Brush with Kindness program comes in. Last...

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Before and after images of Laurie's house. Before: run-down windows and cracked white paint. After: new gray paint, and fixed windows and window sills.

A Brush With Kindness Brings Hope to Homeowner Laurie

Laurie Hundley has lived in her East Phalen home for almost 30 years. Until recently, Laurie was accustomed to living on her own and was a...

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Steven Ripp and Legacy Restorations crew

Minnesota Veteran Receives New Roof

Last year Legacy Restoration completed their second Roof Deployment Project for a deserving veteran, Steven Ripp. Steven is a Navy veteran...

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Beth with her family.

In her own words, Beth shares her neighborhood experience

We asked Beth a few questions about her experience with Jordan Week of Kindness and Twin Cities Habitat's A Brush with Kindness program. Here are her...

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Audua and Michael at the Jordan Week of Kindness celebration.

It takes more than a brush

A few years ago, Audua watched an A Brush with Kindness presentation during a Jordan Area Community Council board meeting, which she was a member of....

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